Work Injuries

We work for you when it comes to your care. We don't work for your company, or your Worker's comp insurance company.

Not all Doctors do Workman's Comp Cases. Customers that happen to have injured themselves on the job have different needs, and they want to see a Healthcare professional who can expedite their care, and has the ability to Diagnose, Treat, Order appropriate Tests or even initiate Physical Therapy, in addition to Communication with the Workers Comp Insurance and the Employer to maximize the care.

In general there are 2 types of work related injuries:

1. Traumatic Injury, like Slip & Fall, Crush Injury, Back Sprains, Muscle Strains,  etc.

2. Repetitive Injury, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as a result of repetitive typing or mail handling or delivery, Plantar Faciitis( pain to the sole of the foot) as a result of walking, climbing and carrying heavy things.

These conditions need to be evaluated and cared for right away to minimize the final impairment.
You should seek emergency care if it's an emergency, or if not, please notify your supervisor, and us immediately if you feel like you have such an injury